2013 BJA Grant Solicitation Grant Questions and Answers

by admin on January 11, 2013

2013 BJA Grant Solicitation Grant Questions and Answers

Q: ­What is the Grant Funding period (dates)? ­

A: October 1, 2013. Funding will last 2 to 3 years depending on whether it is an enhancement or implementation grant

Q: ­Are the slides available to print? ­

A: ­Yes, the slides will be available on the National Drug Court Resource Center website at http://www.ndcrc.org/node/182.  The recording will be available as well.

Q: ­Is “funds” defined as dollars, or can “funds” include equipment purchases for example that are purchased by the state and put into local jurisdictions?­

A: Yes, equipment purchased by the state can be included as an in-kind match.

Q: ­Where does the co-occurring court fit into the 10 key component/Design Feature chart? ­

A: Co-Occurring Courts fit into the Adult Drug Court 10 Key Components

Q: Is it possible for any of these requirements to be subject to change prior to the application deadline? ­

A: The requirements are not subject to change. If a change, by chance, does occur then a notice will be sent out to let everyone know of the change.

Q: The abstract should say who we serve now and how many additional we will serve with these funds, correct? ­

A: Yes

Q: ­For other/prior federal funding, do we include federal grants awarded to a state agency where we were a sub-grantee? ­

A: Yes

Q: ­Federal funds to support the project.  Does that include Medicaid (Ttile-19) funds for treatment services? ­

A: No, this is looking specifically at federally awarded grant funds.

Q: ­Where can one receive the DCPI Training referenced in the solicitation page 6­?

A: www.ndci.org/training  The dates of the trainings and how to register are found here as well.

Q: ­What are the supplanting rules for this grant? ­

A: This grant does not allow for supplanting

Q: ­We are told we don’t give enough detail.  I’m not sure how we can go into full detail when it seems we are repeating answers from section to section due to the information wanted and are limited pages.  Can you give any suggestions? ­

A: When writing the proposals, make sure you are being precise and to provide the data and statistics to support your argument. Also, take a look at past proposals on BJA’s website. You will be able to look at previously awarded proposals to see how your narrative should be put together. https://www.bja.gov/funding.aspx#3

Q: ­We already have established felony, family, and veteran’s courts. If we wish to implement a new, co-occurring court am I to understand that BJA would give it a lesser priority because we already have working drug courts in our jurisdiction?­

A: Unfortunately there is no answer to this question. The BJA looks at a myriad of different issues when choosing who receives a grant

Q: ­would a SSA be the equivalent to a Tribal Chief Judge­?

A: BJA usually goes by Federally Recognized Tribes. If they are certified under the Federally Recognized Tribes, then yes.

Q: ­Do we need to let you know we are applying for Office of Traffic Safety funding? ­

A: It would be helpful, especially if applying for a DWI Court.

Q: ­For the indirect cost policy- if it is just approved by our county and not by the feds, do we need to attach it?

A: Yes, you should submit whatever you have.

Q: ­Will the grant tell us what info to actually include in the narrative? ­

A: Yes, if you go through the solicitation, it will break down and lay out what items BJA would like you to discuss in your narrative.

Q: ­Where can we find more about what qualifies as in-kind donations?  Can this include the free services of volunteers, such as AmeriCorp members? ­

A: It would include free services of volunteers. It would be whatever you would equate in the matching for the dollar amount. You can look in the OJP Financial guide at http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/financialguide/ for further examples.

Q: ­Adult operational tune-up is the training being sought in this application. When in the time task plan should this be included, and where should it be planned for in the budget.­

A: Include it where relevant. You would determine when you would need and could do this training and work it into the budget.

Q: ­May a nonprofit qualify to apply as the lead for an enhancement grant if already working with county court coordinating body?

A: No, all applicants must be a local, state, or tribal court.

Q: ­Do we have to account for 8 people attending the training each year? ­

A: For the NADCP National conference you can have more or less than 8. You can have less than 8 people at the other BJA approved trainings as well.

Q: ­what is the website for allowable purchases? ­

A: Office of Justice Programs Financial guide, http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/financialguide/

Q: Are the tribal 10 key components comparable with the 7 design features? ­

A: The Tribal piece is included in the appendix section, along with other relevant courts. The courts are listed with the relevant 10 key components. The Chart is also available for download at http://www.ndcrc.org/node/182

Q: If your state is applying for Category 3 funds, can the local drug court still apply for Category 2 funds? ­

A: Yes, they can but you must acknowledge that you will be using only one award.

Q: It was stated not to “over match”.  What if your match is the current Coordinators salary and that is over the 25 %?

A: You would limit the match to this one salary

Q: ­Where are those example applications located on the BJA website? ­

A: You can find copies of previously awarded grant applications at the link below.  Scroll down to the middle of the page and you will find examples of funded applications under the Grant Award heading. The Link is: https://www.bja.gov/funding.aspx#3

Q: ­How many grants are expected to be awarded this year? 

A: BJA does not have appropriations yet, so we cannot answer this question until they have the set dollar amount. Last year, 70 applications were awarded of the 270 applications that were received. 

Q: ­We have administrative cost of 13.8% through our administrator. How should we document this in the budget and budget narrative­?

A:  Indirect costs are allowed if you have a federally approved indirect cost rate.  However, this does not apply to units of local government.  Such costs should be reflected in the budget and budget narrative.

Q: ­re: training again, do you have adult operational tune-up training already scheduled? ­

A: Trainings through NDCI may be offered through open enrollment or by request.  For more information on the Adult Operational Tune-Up please visit http://www.ndci.org/training/advanced-training/adult-operational-tune-re-tooling-your-program.

Q: ­Can a court submit multiple Category 2 applications (for a drug court and veterans court) ­

A: We would recommend you submit one application since the statement of the problem and resources are the same.

Q: ­Our drug court is funded by a small state grant.  Would we be an enhancement grant or an implementation grant? ­

A:  If your drug court has been in operation for at least one year, you would apply under the enhancement category.  Implementation grants are reserved for programs that have completed their planning process and are ready to begin operations.

Q: if an organization currently has an ADC grant, can it be reapplied for requesting funds for different activities to continue enhancing drug court?­

A:  Drug court sites that are currently operating with BJA funds cannot receive additional funds until their current projects have been completed.

 Q: ­Can the match be fully in-kind, or must a portion be cash? ­

A:  A portion of the match must be cash.  However, there is no requirement as to how much must be cash.

Q: ­We are a current Implementation grantee and our grant ends in September. This current grant would start in October. Are we eligible? ­

A:  Yes.  Since your current project will end prior to funding becoming available under this solicitation, you are eligible to apply.

Q: Thank you for the webinar today.  On the webinar it was mentioned that there was a resource guide for the current solicitation and I can only find the one done for FY2012.  Can you guide me to where I might be able to find that?

A:  BJA is no longer utilizing the resource guide.  However, resources for this solicitation have been made available by the National Drug Court Resource Center at http://www.ndcrc.org/content/bja-grant-solicitation-references.



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