State Drug Court Coordinator: Nevada

State Drug Court Coordinator: Nevada

Vicki Elefante

The adult and juvenile drug courts strive to provide a positive alternative to incarceration that will rehabilitate the individual and break the cycle of drug use or recidivism associated with drug offenses.  The Eighth Judicial District Court operates six Drug Courts:

  • Adult Criminal Drug Court, for felony cases.
  • Prison Re‑Entry Drug Court, for non-violent Department of Prison inmates within two years of probable release.
  • Dependency Mothers Drug Court, established to assist women who have child custody issues due to their addiction to methamphetamine or other substances.
  • Juvenile Drug Court, for juvenile offenders.
  • Dependency Drug Court, for parents petitioned into court for abuse/neglect of their children
  • Child Support Drug Court, for non-custodial parents who are petitioned into court for non-payment of their child support obligation.

The Drug Court programs are offered to non-violent offenders who have a serious addiction of substances or to those adults whose addiction has jeopardized their ability to care for their children.  Participants are required to attend a one-year outpatient treatment program and must attend regularly scheduled court appearances before the Drug Court judge.  Lack of progress or non-compliance in the program results in the application of a series of graduated sanctions including increased judicial supervision, increased frequency of treatment, community service, house arrest, and short-term incarceration.